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How to Use a Makeup Primer

How to Use a Makeup Primer

Using a makeup primer is the best way to create a long lasting, flawless makeup you ever dreamed of. Applying a simple makeup primer can do a huge difference to your makeup. If you learn how to apply a makeup primer, you can easily put on a makeup that won’t wear off and will stay perfect all day long. This wonderful product aims to create a smooth base for your makeup, preparing your skin for the foundation in order to achieve a natural, long-lasting makeup and a stunning look.

How to Use a Makeup Primer

Makeup primers are relatively new products on the cosmetic market. It is one of those beauty secrets many celebrities and supermodels use in order to obtain that glamorous look. If you are a true makeup lover then makeup primer should not be missing from your beauty bag.

Makeup primers create a perfect, even surface and at the same time control excess oil on the surface of the skin to get a flawless base for your makeup. Even if you think that foundation is enough, a thin layer of makeup primer applied beforehand can bring your makeup to a completely new level. Check out the major steps of applying makeup primer and get ready to create a glamorous look for the evening party!

  • The very first step of a successful makeup is giving your skin proper nourishment. If you put makeup on a dry skin, the result will be disastrous. Opt for a light textured moisturizer that won’t smudge your makeup primer. However, always make sure that moisturizer has absorbed well into your skin and no residues are left on your face.

  • Put a small amount of makeup primer on the back of your hand and take a damp makeup sponge then dip it into the primer gel. Apply it gently on your face with sweeping hand motions, starting with the area under your eyes then continue around your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.

  • When applying the makeup primer, make sure that you distribute the product evenly all over your face, blending it well into your skin to get a perfect, smooth base for your makeup. If its necessary you can add a little more primer on problematic, hard-to-cover areas such as wrinkles around the mouth and eyes as well as the oilier T-zone, in order to prevent your makeup from wearing off. When you add a little extra product on these parts, use your fingertips instead of the sponge to blend the primer well into your skin.

  • After you have finished with applying the makeup primer on your face, don’t forget to wait a few minutes to let the primer sink into your skin and set on your face. As a next step you can continue with applying the foundation, or you can skip this step and apply just a finishing powder directly over your makeup primer.

  • For your eyelids, use a primer that is specially designed for these delicate areas. If you want to maintain your wonderful eye makeup all day long, apply the eyelid primer over your upper and lower eyelids then apply your favorite eye shadow. You will notice that a good primer will make wonders to your eye makeup, bringing out the best of every eye shadow.

  • Makeup primer is the secret weapon of every woman who wants to achieve a wonderful, fresh and flawless base for every makeup. Primers guarantee a smooth, even skin tone, without clogging the pores or leaving a heavy sensation on your skin. They disguise the imperfections of your skin, provide moisture all day long and create a perfect surface to apply a stunning makeup. Don't forget that makeup primers are always at your disposal, each time you need to look fabulous and perfect.

    The best makeup primers everyone's raving about: Smashbox Photo Finish ($39), Nars Makeup Primer ($33), Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup ($25), Revlon Beyond Natural Soothing Primer ($11).

    How to Apply Makeup Well

    How to Apply Makeup Well

    How to Apply Makeup Well

    A delicate layer of foundation and a soft, silky powder application, one single sculpting line on the lid and a delicious treat for your lips. When it comes to makeup, from diaphanous to the boldest approach, it's important to know ourselves and find the perfect flattering palette able to express our personality and emotions. Learning how to apply makeup well might be a challenging task, yet if properly used, it has the power to hide, enhance and transform.

    Makeup is an art. And not just any kind of art, but one that uses mascara, eyeliner and lipstick in order to define and enhance the beauty of your face. It has the amazing power of destroying insecurities and boost self-confidence. For the ultimate result one should first know her own face and skin type and then learn some basic makeup tips and tricks regarding its application. Still, always remember to stay true to yourself and your personal taste.

    Foundation. The base is an essential step in the entire makeup process. For a flawless overall appearance foundation should have a natural purity and a glowing aspect. In this sense, finding the right texture for your skin type and the suitable color for your complexion are two crucial things. Applying it using your fingers gives the advantage of an even coverage and the foundation enters better into the texture of the skin. Still, you can use a sponge, which works for blending larger areas, but it becomes rather problematic around the eye area. When using a brush, apply foundation with downward strokes. Make sure you blend it into the jawline and a little onto the neck so you avoid the unwanted distinct line between the two.

    Concealer. Everybody loves concealers. And what is not to love? A concealer has all the qualities of the perfect and most at hand makeup product. It corrects, camouflages imperfections such as spider veins or those annoying under the eye circles, illuminates and refreshes the face, among others. Well, it can do about everything and anything. However, following the rule 'less is more', concealer shouldn't be applied on the entire face. Choose a color that matches the one of our skin and an opaque, slightly dry texture. Apply it using a brush with thin, vertical lines onto the area you want to conceal. Next, blend into the skin.
    How to Apply Makeup Well

    Powder. Powder is the makeup product that adds a matte finish to your look. Applied directly to the skin, powder evens out and tones down the shiny aspect specific to oily skin. Translucent powder is a must-have due to its light texture. Use a powder brush or puff in order to apply loose or pressed powder evenly over your face using downward strokes. Don't forget about the neck and ears, paying attention and blending well. Always make sure you dab the powder brush into the powder and remove the excess powder. Use a puff for pressed powder. Always follow the direction your facial hair grows.

    Blush. A blush should be that final, perfect touch of the makeup process. If properly chosen and applied, it gives a healthy, fresh aspect to your skin. Using a brush, apply a small amount of blush across your cheekbones, going from the temples in. The creamy textures should be applied over foundation with your fingers. For contour, use a deeper shade of powdered blush in the hollow of the cheeks. Pay attention so that you apply the same amount on each side.

    Eyeshadow. Eyeshadows represent the playful, colorful part of the makeup process that allows you to have fun using different shades for sweet or dramatic effects. Apply the eyeshadow base in a lighter color on the entire lid, close to the lash base, using a shadow brush. Next, take a larger brush and blend the eyeshadow going up towards the brows. For a more natural look, use a sponge-tip applicator or an shadow brush in order to blend the edges of the eyeshadow.

    Eyeliner and mascara. For the ultimate drama queen look, the eyeliner is absolutely mandatory. Whether you choose a pencil or a liquid eyeliner, for a flawless application, pull the eye taunt with your free hand and draw a continuous line on the upper lid. On the lower lid, use an eye pencil and apply a line from corner to corner. For the mysterious smoky eye effect smudge using a small, shadow brush.
    Enhance the beauty of your eyes with mascara. Apply it starting at the inner corner of the eye and at the base of the lashes working outward and upward.

    Lipstick. When it comes to lipstick, it's important the way you apply it. You can use a lip brush for a more harmonious coverage starting from the inner towards the outer corner of the lips. For a 3D effect, apply some lip gloss on the center of your lips.

    How to Apply Makeup Well

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    Makeup for Bronze Skin

    Makeup for Bronze Skin

    Makeup for Bronze Skin

    Every summer we do our best to get a brilliant sun kissed skin. And the best way you can enhance the beauty of your bronze skin is by choosing the right makeup. Basically, the makeup steps for bronze skin are the same as usually, the only things that differ are the tones and the textures used, which should be more translucent in order to avoid overloading the skin. Following a few easy tips and tricks your bronze skin will look amazing and radiant.

    When choosing the right makeup for bronze skin you need to pay attention to several details such as your skin complexion, the color of your eyes, and the outfit. Avoid too strong colors and iridescent shades if you have too many skin imperfections, like wrinkles, acne or dark circles, as these colors will only accentuate them. Choose metallic colored eyeshadows. Red-fuchsia lipsticks are the best choices if you want to emphasize a bronze skin.

    Bronze powder
    The secret of emphasizing your beautiful bronze skin stands in one product: the bronze powder. Easy to apply, the bronze powder accentuates just how it should be a sun kissed skin. You can choose a shimmery silky one, or a matte one, depending on the effect you are looking for. Also, make sure the powder matches your skin tone as if you choose too dark shades you will only look unnatural. For a perfect application use a big brush. Apply it using a brush starting from the T-zone, and going up to the cheekbones.

    Enhance the beauty of your look by choosing a bright blush. From pink to apricot, make sure you pick a blush that matches your bronze skin complexion. Apply the blush as a final step, after the bronze powder, using a blush brush for an even application. You can use a blush palette, and apply darker shades on the cheekbones, and lighter colors on the highest point of your cheekbones. Try to choose a blush that matches your skin tone for a natural look. For a healthy glowing skin, you can also try a bronze-toned blush.

      Illuminate your look using shimmery and metallic colored eyeshadows. Opt for soft colors such as pale pink and coral. Your eyes should be accentuated through makeup, and they must match to your sun kissed skin. Use a darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, and a lighter one in the inner corners. For a night out enhance the beauty of your eyes using a brown or black eyeliner, and a waterproof mascara to elongate and add volume to your eyelashes.

      Glossy lips
      A shimmery lip gloss that gives the illusion of fuller lips is a total must-have during the sunny summer days. Choose it in yummy colors, like cherry red, apricot or chocolate. Make sure you buy a nourishing gloss for your lips as the sun keeps them dry. When applying the lip gloss you should smile so you apply it evenly.

    • During the hot summer days, the sun, the heat, and other aggressive external factors dehydrate and damage the skin. Therefore, it is important to take care of our skin every day by removing makeup and applying a nourishing cream. This way, our skin will get the necessary energy to keep a beautiful, glowing bronze.

    • Use highlighters to add a natural bronze to your skin tone. You can find them in different varieties such as creams, powder or beaded. Apply the highlighter to the bridge of the nose, above the cheekbones and upper lip, around the eyes.

    • If you are using a foundation, choose a water-based one that matches your skin complexion.

    • The 5 Don'ts of Pregnancy

      The 5 Don'ts of Pregnancy

      Pregnancy is one of the most joyful periods in a woman's life. It is a time where you need to take care of yourself as well as the life growing inside you. Here are some major things pregnant women must avoid:

      The 5 Don'ts of Pregnancy

      Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things a woman could experience, but it is also one of the most difficult periods. It takes a little bit of time to adjust to the changes that are going on inside your body. The new life developing inside you needs to be protected from an early age, this is why pregnant women need to watch out for certain bad habits.
      Some women find pregnancy as being difficult while others find it to be very easy. It is especially difficult to give up a certain lifestyle and certain vices or habits.

      To ensure a healthy beginning for the unborn baby, pregnant women need to stand clear of the following:

      Smoking is bad for you. Pregnant or not, cigarette smoke doesn't do anything good for your body. It can hurt your health as well as the health of the people surrounding you. Due to the fact that there is a new life growing and nourishing from your body it is necessary to avoid smoking. Smoking can cause lung cancer, miscarriage, premature childbirth, slow down the growth rate, asthma, and so on. Quit smoking or stay away from smokers to protect your health and the health of your unborn baby.

      Well drinking alcohol during pregnancy is forbidden because the alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream and will affect your baby. There are so many consequences of drinking during pregnancy, it's scary. One of the most horrific consequences of drinking during pregnancy is the fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS. The syndrome causes mental retardation, and will affect the baby for life. Children who are born with this syndrome are usually born with a lower weight than normal, they will have a slow growth rate, will cry very much and they will have facial abnormalities, learning disabilities and poor reasoning. These are only a few characteristics of this disorder.

      Coffee isn't really prohibited during pregnancy but it is best to limit the amount of coffee ingested during pregnancy to a maximum of 2 regular coffee cups a day. Too much caffeine can cause palpitations, uterus contractions which may lead to premature childbirth even miscarriage. It is best to avoid drinking coffee during pregnancy especially if you suffer from heart disease or stomach problems.

      Dieting during pregnancy is not encouraged because by dieting you restrict the amount of nutrients necessary for both mother and child. In order for the baby to have a normal child development it needs healthy nutrients, nutrients which he will receive from the mother. In order for both mother to be and baby to get all the nutrients they need the mother needs to increase the nutrient intake by eating a little bit more, so dieting is out of the question if you want a healthy baby. It doesn't mean that a pregnant woman should eat as much as for two adults , it means that she should get nutrients necessary for both her and the baby. If a pregnant woman eats healthy she will not gain so much extra weight and she will feel healthy as well as the baby. After the baby is born with a little bit of healthy dieting and exercise every woman can get rid of the baby weight. All you need is a little bit of patience and ambition.

      Taking medication without your physicians prescription or approval is prohibited. Any medicine will be absorbed in the blood stream and by the babies placenta and will affect the baby as well. This is why pregnant women should only take medicine after the doctor approves it.

      Girly Nail Art Designs

      Girly Nail Art Designs

      Were you always a fan of the dainty shades and prints? Then this time you'll have the chance to sport some of the girly nail art designs that use some of the classy candy hues and patterns that complement your voguish look. Apply these fab shades both to short and longer nails the result will be drop-dead-gorgeous. 

      You'll find super-cute nail designs in this brief gallery of the most stylish prints and colors used to create a fashionable as well as all nail length-suitable manicure. Sporting a simple blocky hued nail art might not be exactly your thing if you long for versatility and groove. Those who wish to break out of the box with their perfectly defined and fabulously painted nails will have endless alternative to do it. Check out the girly nail art designs below to keep your nails in the best shape and condition and more take advantage of the effect these can have on your appearance.

    • Bows as well as the oh-so-popular Hello Kitty prints are perfect accessories to base your manicure around. In this case all you have to do is choose the desired shades that would make up your favorite nail art as well as additional accessories as stickers, pearls or beads and other decorative items. These images will show you how to rock the girly nail art trend which stole the heart of millions of girls from all over the world. These nail designs besides looking amazing would also teach you how to rock the various nail painting techniques.

    • Other hyper-beloved prints would include cupcakes, floral designs as well as fruity and animal prints. Scout the latest nail trends to find out which are the most simple tricks that would help you achieve a similar result. Take a closer look at these cute patterns that can be easily teamed up with your short trimmed manicure as well as acrylic nails. Concentrate on following the most important instructions as well as pay special attention to the tiniest details to polish your nail artist skills.

    • 5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

      5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

      A perfect makeup is a secret weapon that is available for every woman. However there are some general rules of makeup application that you need to follow in order to achieve a flawless result. If you apply your makeup incorrectly, you will end up looking disastrous instead of fabulous. Below you will find 5 things to avoid when applying makeup, in order to achieve the best results. Check out our tips and learn how to apply makeup properly in order to look amazing in every situation

      5 Things to Avoid When Applying Makeup

      Makeup is a wonderful tool to flatter your features and highlight your natural beauty. A perfect makeup gives you a glamorous look and boosts your confidence. Knowing how to achieve a great makeup you will be able to create wonderful looks that are suitable for each and every occasion. Makeup application is not a complicated thing, however there are some basic rules that are key to obtaining a perfect result. Read on to find out what are the most important things that you should avoid in order to apply your makeup correctly.

    • When it comes to makeup application, one of the essential things you should pay attention to is to apply face powder after a hydrating or moisturizing cream. If you apply powder on a dry skin, your makeup will look tired and you can end up with a flaky, tired looking skin that can ruin your look. If you forget to moisturize your face before brushing powder on your face, it can clog your pores, making them seem larger and more visible.

    • Go for softer, more natural nuances when choosing a blush, since bright, harsh colors do nothing else but make you look tired and accentuate your wrinkles. Fresh, rosy cheeks will give you a chic, feminine look and a nice, soft contour to your face.

    • In order to obtain a flawless result, shop for a foundation that is matching your skin tone. Avoid applying it on your chin or cheeks alone, since the result will be an artificial effect and you will end up looking as though you are wearing a mask on your face. The best way to avoid an unnatural finish is using a damp makeup sponge to apply the foundation, starting from your neckline and proceeding upwards. Blend the product evenly into your skin, leaving no lines on your face. Remove excess foundation if necessary.

    • Avoid choosing eye shadows according to your eye color. Blue eyes won’t get enough accent if you match them with blue eye shadow tones. Opt for contrasting colors instead, such as dark brown or black that will truly highlight the beautiful color of your eyes, giving you a deeper, sensual look. If you have brown eyes opt for wonderful violet shades while green eyes look amazing when you emphasize them with pink or peach nuances.

      When your eyes are tired, try to stay away from green eye shadow tones, as they will only make them look even more tired. In this case, you can try out peachy shades or warm beige tones that will make wonders to your eyes, giving you a fresher, brighter look. Tip: Shop for duo or trio eye shadows that contain lighter and darker color tones as well. These amazing products are perfect choices when you are attending an elegant evening occasion as you can accentuate your eyes with chic dark tones, adding a touch of glam to your look.

    • When you are applying a lip makeup, one of the basic things is to make sure that the color of the lip liner that you use for giving your lips a nice contour, should not be darker than the lipstick or lip gloss itself. Instead, opt for a lip pencil that is very close to the shade of the lipstick you are going to wear. If you are endowed with gorgeous plump lips, the best option is to put aside lipsticks and go for dark pink lip glosses or apply a pink lipstick using a fine brush.

    • Following the above tips you can avoid ending up with an artificial look and you will easily achieve a stunning makeup that enhances your features and gives you a sophisticated, glamorous look.

      Tips to Look Younger

      Tips to Look Younger

      Tips to Look Younger

      Looking younger is something everyone wishes for as long as possible. In order for that to happen one must pay very much attention to skin care. Find out more about how to look younger

      As we grow older, time places it's print over us making us look aged especially if we don't take good care of our skin. There are so many factors which can make us look older than we really are like unhealthy eating, too much sun exposure, improper skin care, stress, etc.

      The truth is nobody wants to look aged, no matter their gender, everyone would like to look younger for as long as possible. Make-up and plastic surgery aren't the only solution to a younger looking complexion.
      Here are some tips to help you look younger, rejuvenated without resorting to any type of surgery or rejuvenating treatments:

    • hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. Water will help the skin to maintain it's elasticity, thus preventing skin from sagging. Water also helps flush out the toxins from our body by cleansing the organism

    • moisturize the skin as often as you can. Dry skin will look aged compared to soft, smooth looking skin

    • protect your skin with sunscreen whenever you are exposing yourself to the dangerous rays of the sun. Excessive sun exposure can have an aging effect over the skin, making it wrinkled and dry looking

    • eat healthy and exercise. Eating healthy can benefit your skin because it will get all the nutrients it needs in order to look healthy and glowing. Exercising will keep the skin and muscles toned and in good condition by stimulating blood circulation

    • wear sunglasses whenever it's sunny outside not only to protect your eyes but to prevent the development of wrinkles. Making funny faces or grimaces will cause the skin around your eyes and mouth to wrinkle

    • make sure you are not constantly fluctuating when it comes to weight because the constant weight loss and weight gain can cause the skin to loose it's elasticity and sag

    • Keep these things in mind and take good care of yourself in order to look younger for as long as possible.

      2011 Hairstyles For Girls

      2011 Hairstyles For Girls

      Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

      Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

      Short hairstyles have gained a lot of popularity among many women who let go of the idea that in order to be sexy you should have long tresses. As a result short hairstyles for girls now have a greater variety and the versatility of these hairstyles has increased dramatically. Short spiky hairstyles are on the top preferences of women of all ages so check out a few spiky hairstyles for inspiration to see if they might suit you.

      Due to the incredible diversity of hair cutting techniques and the multitude of styling techniques available short hairstyles have come to be one of the top choices for women of all ages. Several female celebrities have willingly gave up their long locks in favor of shorter, edgier and sexier hairstyles, contributing to the development of this interesting hairstyle trend. With the huge selection of hairstyles available, any girl can find a hair style to suit her face shape as well as her personality and preferences. As far as the the styling methods use to style short hair, most women like to create spikes to highlight the style of the cut as well as for adding edginess.

      The style of the haircut, the hair texture as well as your face shape are all factors you should take into account before deciding to go short to be able to get the best results. Spiky short hairstyles are generally not recommended for those who are trying to minimize the length of the face but they can be successfully pulled off by those who have square faces. You should also be aware that if you have fine hair it will be very difficult for you to get punk spiky hairstyles as these generally require athick hair texture.

      Another aspect you should think of when choosing a short haircut is what are the features you should draw attention upon and which are the ones that you would rather hide. If you decide to go super short, you won't be able to camouflage any of the facial features that might bother you. On the other hand your key features, like your eyes and your lips will be on the spotlight, increasing your attractiveness.

      While short hairstyles tend to be low maintenance if you want interesting, modern hairstyles, you have to be prepared to invest time when it comes to styling, at least at first. However, once you get used to to the basic technique it will get a lot easier to find hair styling shortcuts that will be allow you to get out of the house quicker. When you are going for short spiky hairstyle regardless of whether you go for edgy hairstyles or you are just trying to get a little volume on the crown of the hair, the styling rules are basically the same.

      You first distribute a generous amount of gel evenly on your tresses, you then apply hair wax or hair mousse depending on the style you're going for and you use your fingers to create the desired shape. After this step is completed it is generally recommended to apply hairspray for a stronger hold. If you need touch ups during the day the only thing you need to do is to use a small amount of water to reactivate the hairspray.

      While these techniques can apply to almost any short spiky hairstyle, it is up to you to find ways to make the hair style stand out. To be able to get original hairstyles you will have to experiment with a lot of different styling techniques in order to have a better understanding of what hairstyles are going to work best for your hair as well as your personality. You can get easy variations of the same hairstyle by altering the hair texture, the height of the spikes or even accentuate different hair sections from different parts of the head. If you use hair products with a light hold, you can alter the style of the hair multiple times during the same styling session.

      While wavy and curly hair might prove to be more challenging when trying to get this kind of hair style, they also offer you the possibility to break the patterns and to create more interesting style. Although it might take you more time to get the style you want, if you keep an open mind and use your ingenuity wisely you will surely be pleased with the results you will get.

      Cute School Hairstyles for Girls

      Hairstyles are very important for school or for any occasion, so try to inspire your hairstyle from the following cute school hairstyles ideas for girls. Your stylish appearance will count for you as well as the people surrounding you so care for your tresses.
      Cute School Hairstyles for Girls

      There are a variety of cute school hairstyles for girls for you to choose from depending of personal preference and obviously hair type and hair length. The type of hair is very important when choosing a hairstyle as it can turn the hairstyle into a disaster. Fortunately there are a variety of styling tools and products available for hairstyling which can give your hair a temporary change in texture.

      Cute hairstyles for girls are meant to offer you the stylish look you need to benefit from as style doesn't keep count of age. Caring for your physical appearance can only be beneficial for you as femininity and beauty are strongly related to maintaining a beauty ritual. Because different hair lengths require different hairstyles try to inspire yourself from the following cut school hairstyles for girls:

      For short hairstyles
      Short hairstyles offer you the advantage of being trendy as they are among the most popular hairstyles of the moment. Because of the hairs length you can also benefit from a low maintenance hairstyle, but the downside to short hairstyles is their versatility. Short hairstyles don't offer as many styling options as longer hairstyles but still, if the right haircut is created one can style the hair in various ways. It is important to choose a versatile haircut which features longer hair cut on top and shorter on the sides. This is a popular hairstyle which will allow you to style your hair straight, curly, messy, spiky, in a quiff, etc. Try to use the right styling tools and products for your hair type and be as diverse with your hair styling as possible. Opt for hair accessories if you wish as they can give your hair little bit of a twist.

      Photo by Tom Carson, The Brown Aveda Institute, Mentor, OH

      Photo by Tom Carson Hair by Future Wave, Oregon, OH

      For medium hairstyles
      Medium hairstyles are the hair length preferred by the majority of girls and women as they offer more versatility that short hairstyles but they are a lower maintenance than long hairstyles. If you have medium hair try to opt for loose straight hairstyles, curly or wavy loose hairstyles, messy buns, ballerina bun hairstyles. Bob hairstyles can do wonders for most girls so they can be a great solution for you as there are a variety of bob hairstyles to choose from. Style your hair using the proper hairstyling tools and products for your hair type so you can look fabulous.

      Photo by Tom Carson,Yellow Strawberry Global Salon, Sarasota, FL

      Photo by Tom Carson, Bella Capelli Sanctuario, Westlake, OH

      Photo by Tom Carson, Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Spa, Mentor, OH

      Photo by Tom Carson, Sheer Professionals Salon, Wooster, OH

      For long hairstyles
      If you have long hair your hair styling options will be endless. Long hairstyles benefit from the most versatility but the styling time required is also the highest. For school you can choose to leave your hair down and style it straight, curly or wavy. For a more interesting approach you can try half-up/half down hairstyles, pinned up hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, braided hairstyles, bohemian hairstyles, scene hairstyles. Be diverse and choose a different hairstyle every time you wish. You will look fabulous and enviable for sure if the hairstyle suite your facial features.

      Photo by Tom Carson, Angelito’s Hair Co. & Spa, Somerset, PA

      Photo by Tom Carson, John Roberts Salon & Spa, Cleveland, OH

      Spring/Summer 2011 Long Hairstyle Trends

      Spring/Summer 2011 Long Hairstyle Trends

      Embrace your natural beauty for spring/summer 2011 whether we are talking about straight or curly hair. Silky, smooth, healthy, tousled locks are perfect for a sweet and chic look, while sexy waves are a great way of spicing up your long hair by adding bouncy texture. Besides, ponytails, chignons, top knots, braids and the already famous slicked-back hair represent some of the hottest spring/summer 2011 hairstyles for long hair. 

      Natural, classic and elegant represent those timeless trends that will never go out of fashion. They are versatile and practical and allow you to make different hairstyles appropriate for various occasions.

      Long, natural, free hair seems to be one of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring/summer 2011. A natural look for perfect holidays in the sun. This is one practical look for summer as it allows you to style your hair without giving the impression of trying too hard or being too sophisticated, but still be able to get a feminine hairstyle. Moreover, the 2011 warm season marks the comeback of the middle parting for long hair, a clear, straight parting for an almost flawless symmetry as spotted at Burberry Prorsum or D&G.

      As for the colors, the sun-kissed look is so hot even when it comes to your hair especially for long tresses. There are different versions for the natural-looking hair next season. You can go for the simple touch specific for summer and keep your hair as natural as possible, even messy, or you can opt for gentle waves or curls in order to add movement and volume as seen at Tommy Hilfiger or Anna Sui. On the other hand, for a super glamorous and sexy look you can choose to make beautiful, chic curls (John Richmond) and set the parting on one side (Sonia Rykiel) for a retro, feminine look.

      Burberry Prorsum


      Tommy Hilfiger

      Anna Sui

      Sonia Rykiel

      John Richmond

      There is no summer without the classic ponytail. A timeless choice that will never go out of style, the famous pony comes back season after season with newer versions, reinventing itself and adapting according to the trends. For spring/summer 2011, it comes in different stylish variants from the most simple, playful to retro-chic or elegant ones.

      The ponytail is no longer a way to make your hair or a lifesaver on a bad hair day, but it can be chic, worn both for a daytime look or for an evening event. You can wear it at the nape of the neck with a lock of hair hiding the elastic band such as seen at Issey Miyake for a business meeting or with a backcombed effect such as spotted at Celine.

      As summer is all about colors and youthful appearances, you can dare the girly ponytail with a fine French braid (Lacoste). For a bohemian look, try to add a colorful scarf at the base of the ponytail (Blugirl). This will instantaneously transform a simple, common hairstyle into something more elegant, yet feminine and romantic. When making a ponytail make sure the hair is smooth and straight by running your fingers through your hair. If you realize that the elastic band is too low, divide the pony in two and gently and simultaneously draw towards the sides. The ends should be parallel with your shoulders.



      Issey Miyake


      Following the trends, hairstyles reinvent themselves every season based on different visions and ideas. However, despite every possible trend, elegance and femininity have always been “in”. The beautiful and the classic will never go out of style. And what better way to be elegant, classic, yet very modern than trying a chignon? Spring/summer 2011 brings so many different versions for every taste and style. The best two things about chignons are their amazing versatility and practicality. You can adapt a simple bun (Dolce & Gabbana, Diane von Furstenberg) to various outfits and events.

      If what you want is something more classic and chic, you can go for a higher bun (Oscar de la Renta) that seems to flatter everyone. This is the symbol of the flawless elegance, a perfect option for a formal event that requires a sophisticated, feminine look. Make sure your hair is perfectly smooth and straight before making the bun. Another versatile bun is the one seen at Nina Ricci. Set at the nape of the neck with a slight effortless touch, this is the right option for romantic girls that want to emphasize their innocent and sweet character with the appropriate hairstyle.

      Diane von Furstenberg

      Dolce & Gabbana

      Oscar de la Renta

      Nina Ricci

      If you are more the playful type, a top knot will seduce you without any doubt. A quick and easy hairstyle you can make in an instant without too much effort. A youthful, messy top knot that seems to remind us of the fresh and soft look of a ballerina. It works great for both straight or curly hair adding high drama to a day or evening outfit. For spring/summer 2011 forget the too-tight-to-the-head knot and wear softer versions with face-framing flyaways. The effect will be a girly look that matches perfectly with soft pink lips (Z Spoke by Zac Posen). You can make a statement and embellish your top knot using different hair accessories (Moschino).

      Last summer, braids were everywhere and they seem to make a strong comeback for spring/summer 2011. Braiding your hair allows you to be creative and play with different styles. The hardest thing is to learn how to manage your hair and make more complex braids. If what you need is something more simple and casual, opt for a basic braid that you can make in no time. Dishevel hair was replaced by a more polished look with healthy, long, shiny braid (Herm├Ęs). For a more hippie look, try to make bohemian braided hairstyles as seen at Erdem.


      Z Spoke by Zac Posen



      The wet effect will be one of the hottest hairstyle trends for spring/summer 2011. Spotted on many fashion runways, slicked hair exudes an interesting combination between masculinity and femininity. The warmer season allows you to use the wet effect in order to create different, stylish hairstyles. You can try a minimalist approach prevailed in the form of sharp partings and tight chignons (Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent), or you can opt for a glassy shine and leave the ends dry and loose (Dries Van Noten). You just need a wide tooth comb and some soft wax or a special hair gel with a dense texture and long-lasting effect. For a more interesting result, leave the marks of the comb visible (Kenzo). As the facial features are fully exposed by a wet look, this hairstyle is not flattering for everyone.

      Dries Van Noten



      Yves Saint Laurent

      Photos via

      Best Anime Hairstyles for Girls

      Anime hairstyles are increasing in popularity so check out the most desired and popular Anime hairstyles for girls so you can look just like your favorite character!
      Best Anime Hairstyles for Girls

      Anime cartoons have exploded in popularity since they were first created in Japan and they have become a source of inspiration for people in real life. Anime cartoon characters look great, the really big eyes, the gorgeous looking hairstyles and the fabulous clothes take people on a dream journey, in which everything is perfect.

      Because cosplay (costume play, dressing up like a cartoon character) is a new trend which is taking over, more and more people opt for Anime hairstyles and costumes that resemble their favorite Anime character. Because making the right choice is not easy, we have selected some of the best Anime hairstyles for girls which can be created through different hair cutting and hair styling techniques:

      Bob hairstyles
      Sleek straight bob hairstyles are very popular hairstyles for girls among Anime characters and not only. It is absolutely essential to choose the right type of bob and the most common bob hairstyle worn by Anime characters is the classic cut bob. When choosing a bob haircut it is essential to take the face shape into account as your face shape needs to benefit from the cut in order for the desired result to be obtained. Straighten your tresses using a flat iron to obtain a fabulous and flawless sleek straight bob just like your favorite Anime.

      anime bob hairstylebob hairstyle

      Long layered hairstyles
      Long layered hairstyles look amazing and can allow you to benefit from a great amount of versatility when it come to hair styling. Choosing a long layered haircut will allow your tresses to receive the right posture and bring out the facial features.

      Most Anime characters featuring this type of haircut have their tresses styled sleek straight as this type of hairstyle benefits the most from the hair layers incorporated.
      There are a variety of hair styling products and tools available to allow you to create perfectly straight tresses so purchase the right hair products for your hair.

      anime layered hairlong hair

      Extra long hairstyles
      Everyone loves long hairstyles as there is just something that acts as a magnet of beauty. Gorgeous and perfect for wavy hairstyles, extra long hairstyles can be easily achieved using hair extensions. There are a variety of hair extensions types available to choose from just so you can find the right type for you. This type of hairstyle can be worn long or tied up into a ponytail as these styles are the most popular among Anime characters with extra long hair. Give the hair the right hair texture using the right hair styling products so your hair will receive the desired shape.

      animeanime hair

      Bangs are highly popular among all Anime hairstyles so choose the right bangs style for your face shape. Choose the Anime hairstyle that suits your personality, face shape and hair type best so you can be admired by everyone for your great Anime style.

      Short Hipster Hairstyles for Girls

      A cool hipster style asks for hip hairstyles! If you've decided to go for the quickly emerging fashion trend of hipsters you might also consider sporting your tresses according to hipster textbook style. Make sure you go for edgy and mainstream trend-busting hairdo to pull off a dazzling look. Look for inspiration for short hipster hairstyles for girls below! 

      Short Hipster Hairstyles for Girls

      Hipsters are often associated with the tribute movement of the Beat Generation. Indeed their world view opposes rules and mediocrity. They are IN and not PART Of society. This is one of the main principle to adopt when joining their party.

      Hairstyles reflect their attitude, asymmetry and sharp angles as well as the effortless look all are signature traits of hipsters. As the devoted fans of this anti-style more and more teens go for a spontaneous haircut often done in their own room.

      Hipsters sport their tresses at all lengths, experimenting with colorful methods to flash their fashion-forwardness. Refusing to adopt the mainstream and especially celebrity hairstyle trendsthey opt for unique accessories and hairdos.

      If you're flirting with the idea of a hip hairdo you should pay special attention to these styling tricks. Pair your hoodie and skinnies with a brand new eye-popping short cut.

        Short crops are top favorite hairstyles of hipsters since both society and fashion in general is dominated by long cascading tresses. Those who are true to hip style principles, make the cut to sport these fab hairstyles. Moreover as a must have accessory of the do, they opt for blunthairstyles with bangs.

        Pulling off the retro and futuristic hybrid look they transgress the barriers of the traditional hair styling. Bowl-cuts and polished looks are trademarks of hip girls.

        Exposing their face is another compulsory element of the hairstyle. The XXL bangs are real faux pas among the hipster groups. Instead they sport either short baby or eyebrow-sweeping bangs that will add a classy and ultra-polished flair to their image. Choppy layers are also no-no options. The barriers of feminine and boyish cut fade shaping the tresses into unisex hairdos.

        Unclear partings and extremely fixed angles and lines further polish the hip look. Hipsters by standing in the way of fashion control establish their own rules for styling their strands. In order to distance yourself from the mass trends it is essential to keep the sophisticated and kitschy look.

        This you can achieve on the spot by ditching out all the latest fashion magazines and experimenting with the colors and snips that lead you through an overall hip makeover. Whether you ask the help of a hair stylist or you launch a one man project the point is to draw some inspiration from the artful fellow hipsters' look.

        Easy to Do School Hairstyles for Long Hair

        Hairstyles are of great importance for girls, but it is the time spent styling the hair which poses a problem. Here are some stylish easy to do hairstyles appropriate for school and not only so you can look fabulous every day.

        Looking gorgeous doesn't keep count of age and easy to do school hairstyles for long hair are meant to make girls all over the world look fabulous. Hairstyles are very important in physical appearance, this is why it is important to take good care of your tresses. The right hairstyle can complete your look and take you from simple to fabulous in an instant.
        Hairstylists have created a variety of easy to do hairstyles just so you can look gorgeous every time with a minimum effort.

        Short hairstyles can easily be styled especially if the right cut is performed. It is the long hairstyles which are the most difficult to style, as long hairstyles are more versatile, but require more styling time than shorter hairstyles. Girls usually opt for long hairstyles because of the hair's versatility. Styling your hair will now take you only a few minutes so you can have more time for yourself while still looking fabulous.

        Pulled back hairstyles

        Buns and chignons are very popular as they are one of the quickest ways to style your hair and look chic.
        Mini buns are very popular this year, so not only will you benefit from a trendy looking hairstyles, but you will be able to style your hair in just a few minutes.
        This is a hairstyle perfect for “in a hurry” moments when you just don't have the time to style your hair.

        To create a bun you will only need a scrunchy or a hair elastic. Pull your hair back as low or as high as you desire, similar like you would do for a ponytail. Wrap the elastic around once or twice, then twist and pull half of your pony through and continue wrapping the hair elastic until the hair is stable. The end of the pony will look great and you will look fabulous with no effort.

        Loose wavy hairstyles

        This hairstyle has become very popular as several celebrities are sporting this look. Ke$ha is one of the celebrities which has inspired girls all over the world when it comes to tousled wavy texture.
        This look is very sexy and can be easily created in minutes. You will need a hair dryer with a diffuser and a strong hold hair mousse to create this hot look. Apply a bit of mousse into the palm of your hands and gently distribute it throughout the hair. Take the blow dryer, apply its diffuser, flip your head down and scrunch your hair before applying the diffuser. If you don't wish to receive hair volume, you can dry out your hair while standing straight.

        Ponytail hairstyles

        Ponytails are appropriate for casual as well as more formal occasions as you can easily dress it with fancy accessories to match any outfit you desire.
        You will need a fine tooth comb and a hair elastic to create this lovely and easy to do hairstyle. Using the fine tooth comb pull your hair upwards holding it in place with one hand. Another option would be to flip your head over and pull your hair in the desired place.
        Secure the pony tightly with the hair elastic and you're all set. With a rat tail comb your can lift some of your hair up to create a small hair bump at the base of the pony for a more glamorous look.

        Braided hairstyles

        Braided hairstyles look fabulous and can easily be created on any type of hair. You can choose braided pigtails, braided ponytails, braided bohemian hairstyles, etc. Learn different hair braiding techniques so you can benefit from a versatile hairstyle as often as you wish.

        Make sure to allow yourself a little bit of time for styling as your hair will make you look gorgeous if styled right.

        Hair and photos by: Headmasters Artistic Team